Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Living What We Believe

During this Lenten season I invite you again to set apart one day a week to stop your work and make time for rest and worship.  Live what you believe by trusting God and his ability to care for you and the world without your help.

In her book Sacred Rhythms, Ruth Haley Barton speaks of Sabbath so beautifully:

"There have to be times in your life when you move slow…times when you walk rather than run, allowing your body to settle into each step…times when you sit and gaze admiringly at loved ones, rather than racing through an agenda….
There have to be times to sit with your gratitude for the good gifts in your life that get forgotten in the rush.
To celebrate
and play
            and roll down hills
                        and splash in water
                                    and spread paint on paper or walls or each other.
There have to be times to sit and wait for the fullness of God that replenishes body, mind, and soul—if you can even stand to be so full. There has to be time for the fullness of time, or time is meaningless."

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